The genetic code of "smart enterprise"
2018-10-10 丨 Xiasha news

It has been several months since the start of the digital workshop for the production of five million sets of automatic interval-adjusting worm gear annually.

With a total investment of 38 million yuan, the digital workshop, one of the first municipal digital workshop/intelligent factory demonstration projects, will add 80 million yuan in sales revenue for the enterprise and save 2 million yuan in labor costs.
Ningbo xiasha gear co., LTD. Is located in the camel industrial zone of ningbo electromechanical industrial park. At present, its products involve small module gears, cutting tools, machine tools and other related industries. It is one of the largest small module gears production bases in China.
The company achieved a total industrial output of 210 million yuan in 2017, up 26.9 percent year-on-year.
"We have benefited a lot from technological change and innovation.
Since 2013, our annual investment in technological upgrading has exceeded 20 million yuan.
In the eyes of xia ting, general manager of ningbo xia xia gear co., LTD., technological transformation is the key to the successful transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises.
Today's xia xia gear, has firmly printed on the "smart enterprise" mark.
Through the integration of the system platform, the equipment data in the workshop is collected and controlled centrally to achieve equipment interconnection. Xia xia gear is speeding towards the goal of unmanned production.
Behind the enterprise transformation and upgrading is the change of enterprise development concept.
As the second generation, the enterprise general manager Xia Ting deeply understand, in the increasingly fierce changeful market competition environment, in the face of information technology revolution, again and again, the enterprise must mutation, precipitation "intellectual capital", build "enterprise" wisdom, otherwise can only in the tide of urban development "flies", until a "thing of the past".
If the enterprise wants to be strong, must depend on the innovation, must innovate, must rely on the talented person.
Ten years ago, there were fewer than ten scientific researchers in xia xia gear.
Today, xia xia gear has an innovative team dedicated to overcoming technical difficulties and developing new and high technologies, with more than 70 members.
In recent years, the team has designed and developed hundreds of new products for the company, and in the past three years, there have been 21 scientific and technological achievements transformation projects.
Strong independent innovation consciousness and technical reform consciousness have become the powerful booster of continuous optimization and upgrading of xia xia gear.
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