Xiasha Profile
Founded in 1999,Ningbo Xiasha Gears Co.,Ltd specializes in the production of the fine-pitch gears. The company is located at No.389 Rongji Road,Luotuo Industrial Zone ,Ningbo. The factory covers an area of 75000 square meters, and the company has more than 1000 employees.

Our products apply to electric tool,fossil-fueled vehicles , NEV , robot , smart furniture , medical device ,security product and other related industries,Xiasha is one of the largest manufacturing bases for small modulus gears in China and national high-tech enterprises.It has the small modulus transmission parts engineering technology center and obtained a number of patented technologies thus being named "The State specializes in special new small giant enterprises".
The company has passed the ISO9001,TS16949 system certification, and imported ERP and other enterprise information systems.At present,there are more than 1000 employees, including 112 technical personnel, and have the world's top processing and testing equipment, such as Germany KOEPFER KP-160, KP-200 high precision gear hobbing machine,Liebherr LGG280 gear grinding machine, Japan Mitsubishi gear hobbing machine, Hamai N60 gear hobbing machine, Germany KLINGELNBERG P26 gear testing center, Japan TTI Gear Testing Center and so on.

Our products are widely used in electrical tools,automobiles,reducers,automatic doors and other industrial industries.With excellent quality and competitive prices,Xiasha’s products are sold to Europe, America, Japan and other countries, and have been recognized by customers, Xiasha is an excellent supplier of many well-known manufacturers in the world.
Founded in
the factory covers an area of square meters
There are employees
including technical personnel
Company Honor
National high-tech enterprises
Ningbo science and technology enterprises
China Machinery Industry Engineering (Technology) Research Center
Ningbo Enterprise Technology Innovation team
Enterprise spirit
Xiasha represents excellent quality, advanced products, efficient processes and outstanding results. Following common values and pursuing consistent goals is the cornerstone of a company's success. The company's purpose clearly reflects these values and goals, and deeply imprints them in the enterprise. Enterprise spirit clarifies the requirements and standards of behavior and internal interaction. It is binding at all times for all work within the enterprise.
Continuous innovation
Innovation determines the Future
Innovation is the new ability to give resources and create wealth. Its core meaning is to enable companies to develop new capabilities that they did not have in the past. which will promote the company to use its resources more efficiently to create greater value. The driving force for innovation comes from the market demand and the crisis awareness of Xiasha’staff . Innovation is to let equal input have value-added output.
Long-term accumulation
Knowledge and ability lies in accumulation
Knowledge and ability are accumulated little by little. It is necessary to pay attention to a solid foundation, pay attention to review and consolidation, and not rush to seek success. Accumulation includes money and material, and it also covers career planning, career promotion, trust and respect, teamwork, management involvement and other multi-level activities.
Focus on details
Focus on the details is our faith
Focus on the details is our faith, it is our attitude and the way we perform. That shows our people’s sense of mission to the work and their career , also represented Xiasha’s determination and commitment to give customers a long-term continued high quality service.
Stable Development
Development is long-term pursuit for a company
Development is long-term pursuit for a company to ensure its competitiveness and the ability to face the change from internal and external environment , also it is a reflection of Xiasha’s ability and potential. The development of Xiasha is not only about its own company size or growth of the benefits, it is also about the ability to serve customers, the growth of employees and suppliers. The development, as the spirit of Xiasha, shows the people in our company’s determination to pursuit the excellent.
Green low carbon
Green Low Carbon Way Of Manufacturing
Our company Xiasha promote with the concept of green low carbon office environment to reduce the usage of paper, we send information by e-mail most of time , it’s much more convenient and easy to save the documents.Through the application of on-site PDM query terminal, we do not need technical drawings in the workshop, by this way, it can save 1140kg of paper every year, nearly 190 trees with age of 20 years.
Green Low Carbon Way Of Manufacturing
Green development, cycle development and low carbon development, they have different emphasis but same in essence, they together connected and helped to develop an ecological civilization environment, which is very important to form a new economic development mode, also it is he basic to push the building of ecological civilization. We purchase material which is big in size or heavy in weight from nearby suppliers to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption.
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